Message from the Principal


I have the blessing to love, care and the direct the preschool of Lisieux Convent this year. I take it as a big privilege and task to fulfil my duty.
According to Sigmund Freud,” Personality is mostly established by the age of fine and the early experiences play a large role in personality development and continue to influence behavior later in life.”
The Lisieux Convent Preschool plays a great Role in changing the society and its people by laying the initial foundation of academic, school, economic, mental moral and physical development. Lisieux Convent Preschool marches ahead of our children with ethos of moral values and principles. It endeavours constantly to instill these qualities in our children. It helps them to grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens in the future.
Above all it always keeps the door open for all, irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Hence it termed as a pious and sacred social institution. One step ahead it ignites the young minds and moulds them to be good citizens as well as good leaders of the nation. Our staff takes tremendous efforts to develop the creativity of the children by making them involve in various to grow into fine human beings who are capable to face the challenges of the life to interact with one another; and we have caring and co-operative parents who blend harmoniously to create a child centric school at Lisieux convent.
I honour and respect the plea of every child, “accept me as I AM, so that I learn to become what I CAN.” I believe that I am a co-worker with God, in the divine task of moulding ad forming the young and growing mind entrusted to my care in the Lisieux Convent Preschool.
My dare children as you make the onward journey in education remember to place your trust in god unmindful of differences such as colour, race and creed. Uphold and acquire positive values in your life that would make a strong impact on the society in the pathway of your service to humanity. Be a positive and enthusiastic person. Strive for excellence, not perfection because only God is perfect.
Only one has the unique and right combination of what it takes and that is “YOU”.
May the blessings of the almighty God be with you and fill you with peace & joy.

Sr. Aneeta Niroshani A.C.
Lisieux Pre-School,