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About Preschools

Lisieux pre-school was first started I the year 1950 with a broader vision of laying the foundation of education to the little ones before they start their primary education. Under the careful guidance of the Apostolic Carmel Sister and the watchful care of a dedicated staff. the Pre-School has grown from its initial stages into a well mature institute of education. Its excellence and fame is wide spread throughout the regions of Siyana Koralaya.


Our Vision

Our Vistion

Creating an intelligent generation with best habit and discipline

Our Mission

Mission 1

Good habits are made exclusively in children and show the way in which they are able to trace them and providing necessary courage and strength withBlessings, affection and protection of God.


From The Superior

Rev. Sister Jennette Rajasekara A.C.

It is a joy to give a message to the website of the Nursery School of Lisiuex Convent, Gampaha. Here we educate the children of Pre-childhood developmental stage according to Eric Ericson. It is a stage of rapid growth in physical, intellectual, social and ethical spheres of the developing child.

So stands the responsibility of a Nursery School to cater to the demands of creating an atmosphere, providing the nurturing soil for the total development of this little one. Whereas, giving in only to the intellectual sphere, we might lead the child astray in his or her pathway, stunning her total growth, producing a self-centered social being, which is so insensitive to the needs of other human being. This is a common…

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From The Provincial

Provincial Superior

I have the blessing to love, care and the direct the preschool of Lisieux Convent this year. I take it as a big privilege and task to fulfil my duty.
According to Sigmund Freud,” Personality is mostly established by the age of fine and the early experiences play a large role in personality development and continue to influence behavior later in life.”
The Lisieux Convent Preschool plays a great Role in changing the society and its people by laying the initial foundation of academic, school, economic, mental moral and physical development.

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Message from the Principal

My dear parents, teachers, friends, my dear little ones and well-wishers,
Welcome to the Lisieux community!
First and foremost, I raise my voice in thanks giving for the innumerable blessings which I have received from the Good God, year after year. I am very proud and happy to say that I have been the Principal of this wonderful School for four years. Being a part of this Lisieux convent, Pre-School, community, means, being a part of a warm and welcoming family.
Children, like seeds, are full of potential to grow into amazing trees that would save the planet. Education is the ground in which these seeds are planted to let them be what they are meant to be. Lisieux Pre-School has been such conducive ground for thousands of children to discover their abilities, potential and talents, to grow towards becoming their complete selves. Over the years, since 1950, under the guidance of the Apostolic Carmel Sisters and a dedicated staff, thousands of little buds have blossomed and turned into fruits to sustain and nourish the world.

Principal Lisieux Pre School Gampaha

Our Facilities

Luxury Class Room

Luxury Class Room

  • 13 Class Rooms
  • Maximum 20 Children in each class.
  • 20×20 ft Size class room

Play Ground

Play Ground

  • Around 350 square meters of Play Ground area.
  • Outdoor Playstation
  • Merry-go-round
  • Swing and more play items

Play House

Play House

  • Crossfit, Rubber tilled Floor
  • Ball pit
  • Bouncing castle
  • Basketball Rings and many toys

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

  • 10 Computers
  • IT Teachers
  • Multimedia Facilities
  • Over six years collection of Story books, Puzzles, Counting frames etc..











Our Expert Teachers

We have a focus on recruiting and retaining quality teachers and offer competitive remuneration, good student discipline, proven academic performance and relatively small class sizes.




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