Message from the Principal

Principal Lisieux Pre School Gampaha

My dear parents, teachers, friends, my dear little ones and well-wishers,
Welcome to the Lisieux community!

First and foremost, I raise my voice in thanks giving for the innumerable blessings which I have received from the Good God, year after year. I am very proud and happy to say that I have been the Principal of this wonderful School for four years. Being a part of this Lisieux convent, Pre-School, community, means, being a part of a warm and welcoming family.

Children, like seeds, are full of potential to grow into amazing trees that would save the planet. Education is the ground in which these seeds are planted to let them be what they are meant to be. Lisieux Pre-School has been such conducive ground for thousands of children to discover their abilities, potential and talents, to grow towards becoming their complete selves. Over the years, since 1950, under the guidance of the Apostolic Carmel Sisters and a dedicated staff, thousands of little buds have blossomed and turned into fruits to sustain and nourish the world.

Lisieux Pre-School has much to offer our students and families: Religion classes, with a spirituality that focuses on the Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Religion and spirituality are not just a part of the school curriculum, rather, we strive to make it a way of life. The little ones under our care, learn mostly to grow in relationship with Jesus and one another and to see the divine aspect in and around them.

Progressive growth of the Pre-School began in the year 1996 when we had to welcome more children and expand our buildings to accommodate more and more students, since another nursery was closed down in the vicinity.  Sisters and teachers took up the challenge to be responsible for the growing number of students with an increasing number of teachers.  Their dedicated services made the Lisieux Pre-School to grow from a shrub into a mighty tree.

During the past few years the overall excellence of the Pre-School has grown exponentially. As parents you have witnessed how your children have grown rapidly through various activities, group and individual, Art and Craft, Celebrations and Festivals. Events like the Annual Concert, Singithi pola, Sinhala Tamil New year celebrations, have added much experience to their little lives beyond worlds.

The launching of the Lisieux Pre-School Web site is another mark of its growth and excellence. On this special occasion I congratulate the teachers, parents and the administrative team, who, with much love and commitment, labour for the progress of the School and its children. We, as a team work collaboratively, to bring the best out of our children who are under our loving care. I would like to reiterate a beautiful saying of St. Therese, under whose patronage our little ones continue to grow from her, we learn.

“To belong to Jesus we must be little.” And Jesus warned as strong against those who cause the downfall of the little ones. Then how much more will He reward those who guide the little one in the correct path?.

I congratulate the Lisieux Pre-School as they launch their new Website to give more publicity to their good works among the little ones and to be  more and more connected widely to gain  more information to lead the little ones to an ever brighter future and an everlasting future at that !

God Bless!

Sr. Mary Prasadini
Lisieux Pre-School,