Message from the Superior

There is Chinese proverb which say “if you are planning for a year, sow rise; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for life time, educate people.” Lisieux pre-school was first started I the year 1950 with a broader vision of laying the foundation of education to the little ones before they start their primary education. Under the careful guidance of the Apostolic Carmel Sister and the watchful care of a dedicated staff. the Pre-School has grown from its initial stages into a well mature institute of education. Its excellence and fame is wide spread throughout the regions of Siyana Koralaya. I remember with gratitude all those who have contributed to the excellence of Lisieux-Pre-School.

The journey of 68 years was not an easy task. In spite of the challenges and difficulties, the pre-school has worked tirelessly for the growth and well-being of the children who were placed under her care. One cannot earn frame by loss. If Lisieux Pre-school famous today, it is because of the successful stories of thousands of students who have experienced her maternal care.

Neurological researches have proved that early years of child, play a prime role in their brain development. children learn about the wider world through their immediate environment which includes their home, and school. The bonds they from at their early stages and their first leaning experience deeply affect their personality and their future. This is precisely why our Pre-School focus on giving them the best learning experience as they first step out of their closely knit family circle. Our emphasis is not on more excellence in education, but overall development of the child; a holistic education. Based on religious values,  with a Roman Catholic back ground, the Sister in-charge and the staff, work tirelessly to uplift these little buds in every possible way, paving the way for them to blossom as beautiful flowers to the world.


God the Almighty who began this good work through the instrumentally of the Apostolic Carmel Sisters, have blessed the Lisieux Pre-school, the students past and present and their families in abundance. As they count their many blessing, I wish and pray that they continue their good work in the year to come.


Sister Priyadarshini A. C.


Lisieux Convent