Message from the Superior

It is a joy to give a message to the website of the Nursery School of Lisiuex Convent, Gampaha. Here we educate the children of Pre-childhood developmental stage according to Eric Ericson. It is a stage of rapid growth in physical, intellectual, social and ethical spheres of the developing child.

So stands the responsibility of a Nursery School to cater to the demands of creating an atmosphere, providing the nurturing soil for the total development of this little one. Whereas, giving in only to the intellectual sphere, we might lead the child astray in his or her pathway, stunning her total growth, producing a self-centered social being, which is so insensitive to the needs of other human being. This is a common phenomenon in today’s world where man becomes the king of his own little limited world and uses his capacities to destroy his neighbor.

We are happy that your child is assured of the opportunities he or she is offered here, so that he or she becomes an asset to your family and at large to the world. Jesus said “Let the little children come to me.”


Thank You & God Bless You!

Rev. Sister Jennette Rajasekara A.C.


Lisieux Convent, Gampaha.